Our Distinctives

Most churches use the same Scriptures, meet on the same day, have services approximately the same length, sing similar songs and have the same general mission.  But then there are those things that set churches apart.  What you are apt to find different about New Covenant.
1. We don’t sweat the small stuff.  While many churches divide over issues such as the end times theories, speaking in tongues, creation theories and even translations of the bible– we agree to disagree on these things and unite around the essentials of the faith that are  found in the classic apostle’s creed.
2. We have a strong emphasis  on personal growth.   Church leaders and staff challenge themselves and others to be life-time learners.  We offering training and accountability across the board to those who want to take the journey.  We believe that good leadership is necessary to effective church  ministry.  Every ministry leader at New Covenant is expected to be in training–even the senior pastor.
3. We let down our guard.   No body at New Covenant has it together.  We admit that we are a work in progress and try our best to be patient and tolerant of each other.  While we hold unswervingly to biblical standards and challenge those who stray—we seek to reach out with love and mercy and restore those who fall rather than trample over them.  Mistakes and failures are considered “normal”
4. Food is allowed.  We like to eat.  (Yes, I tell people that) We use food to facilitate our fellowship and believe it to be part of God’s plan. Hospitality and friendships are at the heart of Christian community and we need to build healthy relationships within our church body.  Expect to find food at most of our functions.
5. Music in the air.  New Covenant has always been a musical church.  Unlike many churches, we employ music as a major part of our Sunday service.  We give plenty of opportunity for folks with musical talent to use their gifts and grow their gifts.  Often we have folk outside our own community come and minister to us.
6. We have a plan.  Once you become a part of New Covenant, you soon learn that we provide you with a systematic plan and programs to help you build your spiritual life and faith.  While we certainly don’t discount the role and power of the Spirit—we give opportunities for the Spirit to work through the core programs we offer.  You won’t have to let your spiritual growth up to chance at New Covenant.
We aren’t a perfect church by any means and we have a lot we can and are working to improve, but we believe God is doing great things at our station in His Kingdom.  We aren’t what everyone is looking for, but we certainly enjoy new people joining with us who place value on these things we love.

How We Operate

Christ is the head of New Covenant Church and the Holy Spirit is its leader. However, on a human level, three groups of people direct the ministries of New Covenant. Those bodies are the 1) Elders, 2) Executive Board of Directors, and 3) The paid staff.

The Elders are members of the body who provide general supervision and oversight. They continually evaluate the teaching ministry of the church and review major ministry decisions. They use their wisdom, discernment and shepherding gifts to ensure the church remains on a true course Biblically and support the vision of the lead pastor. Scripture indicates that the ultimate decision-making authority in the church rests with the Elders. We currently have five elders counting our lead pastor.

Our Executive Board of Directors are members of the church empowered by the Elders to oversee the legal and financial aspects of the ministry and matters pertaining to the building and facilities. They all have some marketplace expertise which they use to serve the church. We currently have five members on the EB including our church treasurer.

Finally, the staff directs the day-to-day affairs of the ministries of the church. They are paid so that they can devote the best hours of their day to building ministries. The staff’s main job is to build and coordinate teams of volunteers so that ministry can happen. We currently have two full-time and three part-time staff.

The way the three groups work together can best be stated as follows: the staff directs the ministries of the church; these ministries are supported by the policies and financial resource allocation determined by the Executive Board ; and all the activities of the church are carried out under the watch and supervision of the Elders. These three bodies frequently communicate with each other and sometimes meet together.

Discipleship Strategy

Since our Mission is to make “Disciples of Christ” we have worked to develop a strategy that will help that happen. This is a “four-part” approach:



Below you will find a description of each. Our goal is to engage every attender in these four activites or disciplines. We believe that over time, with the participation in each of these and power of the Holy Spirit working, a person will experience spiritual transformation and become more like Christ.

Our Plan To Help You Grow To Become Like Christ:

CELEBRATION: We plan for spiritual growth in the lives of believers as they commit to and participate in weekly worship and preaching services. The gathering and celebration of other believers invites the transforming Spirit of God.

CLASSES: We plan for spiritual transformation to occur through the renewing of the mind. In regular attendance of our Adult and Children Classes on Sunday mornings, a person will be exposed to the greatest transforming power on earth—THE WORD OF GOD!0059

COMMUNITY: We plan for lives to change as they connect to other believers in caring, sharing and accountability relationships. Through our Small Group Ministries, we believe the influence of Christian friendships and care helps to change lives.

CALLING: We challenge every believer to discover and employ their gifts for service and ministry. As a person allows themselves to be instruments of God in reaching out to others, transformation takes place.


Statement of Faith

We unite ourselves as believers under the following statements of faith:

Section 1. We believe in one God, existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is Creator of all things.

Section 2. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came as a man born of a virgin, and lived a sinless life. By His death on the cross He paid the price that the sin of the lost demanded. There is no other name by which the lost may be saved. He bodily rose from the dead and has ascended to heaven.

Section 3. We believe that the sixty-six books of the Bible were inspired by God, and as such, are without error in their original form. They provide the only reliable, infallible instruction for the practice of the Christian faith.

Section 4. We believe that all mankind is born separated from God and unable by himself to be reconciled. Reconciliation and salvation are obtained by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, “not by works lest anyone should boast”. Without the work of reconciliation and regeneration, a person will be eternally in a state of separation from God.

Section 5. We believe that the Holy Spirit convicts and draws mankind to Christ. The Holy Spirit enables them to have saving faith and regenerates the believer, making a new creature in Christ. He indwells, guides, comforts, seals, and empowers believers to live the new life in Christ. The Holy Spirit baptizes believers into the Body of Christ and gives gifts to enable the Church to fulfill her mission.

Section 6. We believe in the bodily return of Christ Jesus to the earth, at which time he will complete God’s plan of history for the earth. This includes a final judgment when the righteous in Christ will be eternally united with God and the unrighteous, outside of Christ, will be eternally separated for punishment.

Section 7. We believe in the work of God’s Spirit to produce righteous works in the life of the believer. This will cause the believer to grow into the likeness of Christ and fill him with the power to live a Godly life, which will create a life that is a witness before the world.

Section 8. We believe water baptism to be a God-ordained practice which symbolizes the believer’s union in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The ordinance of The Lord’s Supper symbolizes the sharing of Christ’s divine nature and serves to remind the believer of the sacrifice that Christ made. Neither of these practices have power to save.