“Come As You Are”


 Experience The Difference:

Our motto: “Come as You Are” reflects our open and non-judgmental atmosphere intended to appeal to folk who fear rejection by Christians.

Building: Our facility was designed to be more like a community hall then the typical church building: no stained glass, no pews, no pulpit and a large fellowship foyer.

Music: Our worship and music styles are designed to resonate with our modern culture. Having a full band and upbeat music is intended to be a more familiar to an unchurched audience.

Fellowship: We make church gatherings a celebration including food and lively conversation, differing from churches that offer an environment that is quiet and reflective.

Dress: We accept and expect folk to come dressed according to their own styles and preferences. We sometimes dress down to make people feel welcome who don’t own ties and suits and who like to dress casual.

Sermons: We preach and teach the scriptures.  Theology and salvation history is important to us, but we strive to make biblical preaching applicable to everyday living, instructing the church in Kingdom life now.

Theology: We don‘t require agreement with a long list of specific doctrines, we stress the simple essentials of the faith. We welcome healthy differences, discussions and debates.

Non-denominational: We do not align ourselves nor are we members of any large national organization that directs or tries to run the local church.

Multi-cultural: We welcome new residents to this area, no matter where they come from geographically and also welcome folks from all walks of life and economic levels.

Transparency: We purposely strive to admit and share our own struggles and failures from the top down. We seek to support one another without being judgmental. No one is perfect, we are simply in process.


Upcomming Events

Recovery Run/Walk 2017

Recovery Run 2017

Cross Country Memorial Run/Walk

September 9, 2017 at 9:00 am

New Covenant Community Church

284 Slab Rd – Delta PA 17314

717-862-3388 or 3341

This event is being held to raise awareness of addiction and the destruction it leaves behind, for both those who have lost someone they love and for those who are struggling to get free from its grip.

If you have lost someone to addiction and would like to bring a framed 4×6 photo of them with you, we will have a memorial table set up in honor of them during the run.

There will be information tents on site:

Mason Dixon Anti-Drug Task Force

Pastoral Counseling, Prayer, Faith Based Resources

Recovery Tent

Speak with some wonderful people who are winning the battle against drugs & alcohol and others who have learned how to live peacefully with friends or loved ones in addiction/recovery.

If you don’t want to run or walk, there will be an opportunity to donate on site. We need lots of people to cheer the runners on! There is a picnic area, playground, basketball court, and GaGa Pit available for use.

Proceeds will benefit the Mason-Dixon Anti-Drug Task Force and it’s Youth Programs in the Delta area.

If you are currently fighting addiction and would like to change your life, please come. No Judgement! Find support and information to help you learn a better way to live. Your life matters! God has a plan and purpose for YOU.

Registration forms may be picked up at New Covenant Community Church, Model A Fitness, or you may download one here: Recovery Run 2017 Registration

Please complete and mail to the address above. Souvenir t-shirt guaranteed if registered by August 15th